"What we love to do and why!"
"We shape
our self to fit
this world and
by the world
are shaped
David Whyte
Creative Change Conferences
"What we love to do and why!"
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Call 760-346-4606
If you are a Man who has been
abused as a child we offer free
group counseling The Third
Tuesday of the Month.  Call
760-346-4606 to sign up
Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference
"It Happens To Boys" Conference is
the most professionally fulfilling
conference I participate in thanks to
the quality of speakers,the excellent
and engaging topics and presentations
but also due the high quality of
production that Carol and her staff
provides. I very much look forward to
participating in next year's event
knowing it will be powerful and
life-changing for those who

John Lee  Author of the Flying Boy and
Half-Lived Life
It's inspiring to participate in a
conference where acknowledging  
the impact of trauma on men's lives
and pursuing a complex
understanding of men's behaviors
are accepted as the foundations of
the work rather than being
considered re voluntary ideas!"

Peter Pollard, MPA
1 in 6
To Have our group present our "It Happens to Boys" workshop at your
facility, school, or conference.  This is a one and a half to two hour
workshop covering aspects of abuse, trauma, addiction, and recovery.
We have been working together for the past 7 years to educate and help
healing happen.
Our 7th Annual It Happens to Boys Conference 3/6 & 3/7 at
The Annenberg at Eisenhower Medical Center
.Please contact:   Carol Teitelbaum, MFT 760-346-4606
Accepting Sponsors and
Exhibitors for 2015
Please call Carol
Teitelbaum 760-346-4606
To Help us keep offering
free counseling to men
and teen boys who so
desperately need it.  
Please help.
The Beautiful Face
of Recovery
A Conference for
January 24, 2015
Desert Princess
Hotel, Palm
Springs, Calif.
8:30 AM to 5:30
7 CEs
Candy Finnigan is
an interventionist who has
appeared numerous times in
the A&E show Intervention. A
recovering alcoholic, Candy
Finnigan wrote When Enough
is Enough: A comprehensive
guide to successful
intervention, "a tell-it-like-it-is
guide to the process of
intervention; a must read if
you're interested in conducting
an intervention."

Susan Moffitt
Yvette Patterson, M..A
Alyssa Farrell
Melissa Thornburg
Mary Gordon, M.A.
Josie Ramierez-Herndron
Kimberly Nichols
Do Not Miss this great
Women's Conference

$125.00 including lunch and
CEs Discounts for tables of
8 call 760-346-4606
Pay by Pay Pal
Two Addiction Ladies
In this talk, Kimberly Nichols will share her personal story of
recovery from childhood abuse through psychological,
spiritual and intuitive tools. She will then facilitate a communal
meditation designed to show each attendee the current state
of their chakra system. This will be followed by a presentation
on the chakras and how they mirror our formative life
development. She will help us to understand how our personal
human energy systems reflect our biographies and how they
can be utilized to reveal and heal the issues that have kept us
reaching for other forms of self-medication

Kimberly Nichols is a relational/intentional artist, writer and
healing facilitator whose company Tapping the Inner Palette
helps people to facilitate their own self healing through the
creative, intuitive and spiritual arts. For more information, visit
online at
Susan was in the advertising
industry for years but then 8
years ago made a decision to
take charge of her life and
began her recovery journey.  
She  was able  to use her
marketing degree to represent
The Refuge-A Healing Place, a
trauma program located in
Central Florida. Susan is also
the co-chair of Coachella Valley
WAAT. "Recovery is absolutely
the best thing that has ever
happened in my life.  I am able to
share some of the worst times
to help others achieve their
authentic selves.  I am proud to
be of service whenever needed."
I will see where my journey
takes me next.
Josie has been working in the field of
addictions since her start at Loma Linda
Medical Center since 1987.   She
founded a national marketing and
events agency called Villareal and
Associates, Inc. Over the the last
eleven years, Villareal has helped start
up and brand facilities such as The
Canyon Malibu, Milestones Ranch
Malibu, Sovereign Health ( CA), The
Ranch ( TN), Circle Tree Ranch (AZ) and
many others. Villareal coordinated,
partneredand/or consulted with
conferences such as Spirit Recovery,
Betty Ford
Professional Development Summit,
WAAT Conferences, Recovery Summit
Conference, West Coast Symposium
and CAADE Conferences.  In 2008,
Josie founded RecoveryView.com an
online Journal and CEU
Recoveryview.com, her long term
client His House/New
Creations and her own program called
Addiction Therapeutic Services- IOP.  
She runs ATS-IOP with her husband,
Jim, in  beautiful Palm Springs,
Alyssa Farrell is a Pilates/Yoga teacher and Fitness
Therapist with more than 18 years of experience in working
with the human body.
Her interest in physical therapy started at age 14 after she
suffered a devastating knee injury. The path back to
restoring function in her knee led her through many areas of
study,   including Ashtanga yoga, bodywork, neuromuscular
sport and trigger point therapy, and traditional Pilates.
Noticing that each of these areas of study were not always
enough in themselves, she started combining them into one
integrated body of knowledge, giving her a unique approach
to training people. Having a client base who are often in pain
or suffering from physical restrictions has helped her to
refine these methods, teaching people to access, activate
and awaken parts of their bodies that are not fully
‘participating’ in movements where they should be. Her own
personal journey of self-improvement with regards to both
physical and spiritual health make her a teacher who tries to
lead by example, using the integrity of the human body as a
structure of integrity that expands into every day life. Her
goal is to empower her students and to help them connect
deeply to their bodies and selves in the present moment.
Mary Gordon, MA, is a passionate
advocate for Dance/Movement as a
healing art and has worked for the
past twenty-eight years in the field
of prevention, education and
treatment of addictions both in New
England and California. She has
been a frequent presenter at
Women's Conferences in the United
States and Canada presenting
Creative Movement for creativity,
enjoyment and healing. Mary
Currently she serves as the Director
of Family and Outpatient Services at
Betty Ford Center and has a private
practice focusing on
movement/drumming groups for
healing and creativity.
Mary's workshop Freedom to
Yourself Through Movement
help us raise our awareness of our
embodied spirit. We will move
together and alone to free our
energy for more authentic
Yevette Stone-Patterson is  currently an Outreach
representative for Sovereign Health. She  has more than 10
years’ experience as a registered addiction specialist (Master-
RAS)  she also has a Bachelor of Science in Human service, and  
continuing her education in order to receive a Masters in
psychology (Marriage Family Therapy). . During this past 10
years, Yvette has been able to share her abilities to help people
at Michael’s house located in Palm Springs, the ABC club located
in Indio and Russ Recovery  Intensive Outpatient Program, which
is also located in palm Springs, CA. She also the proud mother of
seven wonderful children; three girls and four boys who have
made a huge positive impact her life.
Yvette is involved in a prison ministry where she goes out to the
women prisons and prays with the inmates Yvette shares, "My
life is very enjoyable each day when I know that I have been able
to help someone to make a difference in their situation. Being
able to help others, having life experiences and be educated is
only what people dream about.  I have been blessed in a way to
take the dark part of my pass and turn it into a positive future for
myself, my family, and those who cross my path. Working in
treatment has become a big part of my life, and knowing that
Sovereign Health is facilitated to help others, makes me proud of
my work and makes me proud to be a part of Sovereign Health
"Melissa Thornburg began her journey of personal
recovery at a prominent treatment center, located in
Arizona, in December of 1998. Since then, Melissa
has been a "double-winner" , working programs in
both Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon, along with
continuously receiving "outside help" from the
therapeutic community.

Melissa has experienced miracles and great events,
over and over, along her path in recovery.  She was
blessed to begin working in the field of Substance
Abuse and Mental Health in early 2009 and is
blessed to be the Director of Development for the
Sober Way Family of Services, headquartered in the
mountains of Prescott, Arizona.  Melissa has her B.S.
in Electronic Media and holds certifications as both a
200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and Trauma
Sensitive Yoga Instructor.  She is also the Chair for
the Phoenix Chapter of the Womens Association of
Addiction Treatment. In her spare time, Melissa
enjoys sponsoring and mentoring women through
the Twelve Steps, participating in her local yoga
community and hiking up any mountain she can
Rena Rodman, MFT
A pioneer in the field of
addiction treatment and
gifted psychotherapist in
private practice.  Rena has
called Coachella Valley
home for many a year. A
mom, grandmom, and great
grandmom who can relate
to any age client.
Jeanie Griffin,  is Founder
and Director of FRESH OUTTAPLANS,
www.freshouttaplans.com an addiction
assessment, consulting and
counseling service in Grapevine, Texas
that combines the traditional 12 step
approach to addiction treatment with
clinical and non alternative forms of
healing, in an effort to assist in spiritual
transformation.  With licenses in Texas
and California and over 23 years
experience working in the addiction
field, she has been clinical director of
treatment programs, faculty member at
UCLA addiction counselor training
program, and she has helped design
psychoeducational programs for
treatment centers.
New Sponsors for    
It Happens to Boys
Sovereign Health
The Seventh Annual It Happens to
Boys Conference
March 6, 7 2015
at The Annenberg Center at
Eisenhower Medical Center
8:00 Registration, Conference 8:30
to 5:00 each day
Including Lunch and 14 Education
Credits for MFT's, LCSWs. RNs,
Who should attend? Men and
Women, Parents, Students,
$250.00 for two days
Robert Ackerman
What a line-up
Dr. Howard Fradkin,
Male Survivor
Dr. Robert Ackerman
Jerry Moe, M.A.,
Betty Ford Center
Dr. Harry Haroutunian
Betty Ford Center
Dr. Cindy Carter,
Playback Theatre
Leo Booth
Dr. Allen Berger
Herb Kaighan
Patrick Haggerson, MA
Betty Ford Center
It Happens to Boys Speakers:
Scott Smith, Carol Teitelbaum, MFT, Randy Boyd, CADAC,
David Price, and Daniel Marquez. Robert J. Teitelbaum
Our Sponsors
Saturday Schedule

8:00    Sign in
8:30    Patrick Haggerson, M.A.
9:30    Dr. Cindy Carter
11:00  Break
11:15  Dr. Allen Berger
12:45  Lunch
1:45    Dr. Robert Ackerman
3:45    Break
4:00   Jerry Moe, M.A.
Friday Schedule

8:00   Sign In
8:30   Patrick Haggerson, M.A.
9:30   Herb Kaighan
10:30  Break
11:00  Dr.Howard Fradkin
12:30  Lunch
1:30    It Happens to Boys group
2:30    Break
2:00    Leo Booth
4:00    Dr. Harry Haroutunian
Christine Stevens
Christine is the founder of UpBeat
Drum Circles, offering diversity
training, teambuilding, and
wellness presentations
world-wide. She has trained
facilitators and led workshops in
more than twenty countries,
including Iraq, Hong Kong, Brazil,
South Africa, Japan, and Western
Europe. Christine trains
HealthRHYTHMS facilitators
throughout the United States,
England and Japan through Remo,
the world's largest drum company.
A leader in the music and wellness
movement, Christine also serves
on the editorial board of Explore: A
Journal of Science and Healing.

Christine's work in Iraq was
recently featured in the book and
DVD Discover the Gift. Televised
media credits include: PBS, NBC,
KABC-Los Angeles, KTLA - Los
Angeles, Tournament of Roses
Parade, London Tonight, Living
Better TV, Discovery Health, &
Hong Kong News. As a
contributing writer, Christine's has
been featured in Fitness
Magazine, Spirituality & Health,
Body & Soul, Fast Company, First
for Women Magazine, The Oriental
News, The Christian Science
Monitor, US News & World Repo
Yogi Times, and Natural Beauty
and Health
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