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Increase the Chance of Success with a Long Term Program

Learning to enjoy life without substance use, and learning to develop true and
healthy relationships is possible, but often times requires more than just detox or
even short-term treatment. Statistically, longer term treatment is the most likely
therapeutic program to bring about a life of sobriety and improved health. Long
term drug rehab increases the chances of success because the values, skill sets,
and lifestyle for sober living require time to crystallize. The ultimate goal is for the
client to take these values, skill sets, and lifestyle with him or her when making the
transition back into normal living.

Through its unique inpatient drug rehab and alcoholism treatment plan, Burning
Tree staff believe that alcoholics and addicts can learn to live a Life of Excellence
Beyond Sobriety filled with self-respect, sincerity, and responsibility. Our
curriculum is an innovative holistic treatment based on spiritual principles that
treat the whole person, as well as utilizing proven medical and mental health
Why Choose Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers?
Experience You Can Trust

There are many addiction recovery programs available, but few that provide the highest level of
medically supervised, patient-centered care. With more than 25 years of experience as Southern
California’s leading addiction medicine center, Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers has treated tens of
thousands of individuals from across the nation.

Our centers are committed to providing superior alcohol and drug detox and rehab programs with a
personalized approach. In addition, we are committed to ensuring that our patients receive the
highest caliber of care at the best value, without compromising quality. These are just a few of the
many reasons why Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers is recognized as one of the nation’s leading
addiction recovery centers.

Medically supervised detox
Certified Recovery Residence
Licensed Intensive Outpatient Program
On-site Transitional Living
Sober Living (Ebby’s Place) or referrals to other locations
The treatment philosophy of Origins Behavioral HealthCare represents a rare
fusion of contemporary addiction medicine and clinical sciences with a
profound immersion in the timeless 12-Step experience. With over 35 years
of providing addiction and recovery services, Origins’ drug and alcohol
treatment programs have focused on the holistic recovery of individuals and
their families.
Co-occurring physical and mental conditions are common factors in
addiction. This is why Origins Behavioral HealthCare comprehensively
address the individual medical, psychiatric and psychological needs of each
patient with a full-time staff of professionals.
Rock Springs is a newly-constructed, 72-bed specialty hospital located
just north of Austin. We provide inpatient and outpatient treatment
services to adults suffering from mental illness and/or addiction. Our goal
is to consistently deliver quality, evidence-based treatment using a
program-centered approach intended to reach beyond the typical crisis
stabilization model commonly used throughout the industry.

Using the latest advancements in program curriculum such as
web-based COGNIT®, Good Days Ahead®, and the Hazelden®
Co-Occurring Disorders Program, individualized treatment plans are
developed and used to begin the journey to recovery and mental
Music Can Make the Difference in Therapy                                                Reovery Unpluged
Using  the Power of Music to Heal from Drug & Alcohol Addiction
Blazing New Trails in the Treatment of Chemical Dependency
Safe, Secure, Discreet and Comfortable Residential Experience
Operated by Industry-leading Experts & Acclaimed Musicians and Songwriters
ATS is dedicated to an abstinence-based model of recovery period. Our approach is whole-person-centered,
tending to the mind, body, and spirit. We believe in the power of human nature and respectfully meet our clients
where they are. We aspire to be an important chapter in their journey in become whole, healthy and happy
Driftwood Recovery offers transformative treatment in a
modern setting, discretely located on an untouched, 85-
acre campus in the rolling hills of Central Texas, 25 miles
south of Austin.

At Driftwood, we believe that recovery starts with a
courageous mindset. Our addiction and pain recovery
center inspires clients to face their challenges head on
and reclaim control of their lives. Our evidence-based
treatment platform encourages each client to look inside
of themselves and discover the root of their problems.
After undergoing our full continuum of care, clients will
return to society equipped to handle life’s obstacles
without resorting back to old behaviors.
The Colin A. Ross Institute was formed in 1995 to further the understanding of psychological trauma
and its consequences by providing educational services, research, and clinical treatment of trauma
based disorders.
Educational services are provided through workshops, books, CD's and DVD's. Dr. Ross has
published 170 papers in peer-reviewed journals, most of them dealing with trauma and dissociation.
Most of the papers contain original research data, and much of the research has been funded by
the Ross Institute.
Colin Ross Inst.,