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David Whyte
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"What we love to do and why!"
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If you are a Man who has been abused
as a child we offer free group counseling
the first and Tthird Tuesday of the
Month.  Call 760-346-4606 to sign up
It's inspiring to participate in a conference
where acknowledging  the impact of trauma on
men's lives and pursuing a complex
understanding of men's behaviors are accepted
as the foundations of the work rather than being
considered re voluntary ideas!
Peter Pollard, MPA
1 in 6
To Have our group present our "It Happens to Boys" workshop at your
facility, school, or conference.  This is a one and a half to two hour
workshop covering aspects of abuse, trauma, addiction, and recovery.
We have been working together for the past 7 years to educate and help
healing happen references available upon request.  

.Please contact:   Carol Teitelbaum, MFT 760-346-4606
It Happens to Boys Speakers
Carol Teitelbaum, LMFT
Scott Smith
Randy Boyd, CADC-1
Daniel Marquez
Robert J. Teitelbaum

"It was a wonderful experience; both informative  and
deeply moving.  In the face of the horrors of sexual
abuse this conference offered both therapy and
hope.       I look forward to presenting at future

Reverend Leo Booth
Our eighth Annual It Happens to Boys was a huge
Read what some of our speakers had to say
"The Seventh Annual It Happens to Boys
Conference was truly exceptional. I applaud Carol
and her staff for sponsoring such an important
conference on a very sensitive topic with such
compassion and professionalism. The choice of
speakers as well as the topics filled the two days
with great clinical techniques for helping victims. As
a presenter I was honored to be invited and I soon
realized that the attendees quickly became
consumers of all that was offered. Their appreciation
for the quality and genuineness of the conference
was obvious to everyone. It was a great two days".

Robert J. Ackerman
This conference features a line-up of leading clinicians,
educators, authors, and advocates. It sensitively
explores childhood sexual abuse and offers a clear
path to help, healing, and hope. A highlight is the
Courageous Healers panel, a group of recovering men
sharing their experience, strength, and hope. This
conference is a homerun.
Jerry Moe, Director of the Children’s Program at The
Betty Ford Center
Reverend Leo Booth is a Unity
minister,and an internationally
acclaimed author, lecturer, and
trainer on all aspects of
spirituality and recovery from
depression, addictions,
compulsive behaviors, and low
Jerry Moe
The Director of The Children's
Program at Hazelden Betty
Ford.   A master at relating to
children, Jerry  will share his
insights into the world of
children affected by families
with addictions.
Dr. Cindy Carter is the Assistant Provost at
Fresno Pacific University. Dr. Carter has been
teaching and leading workshops on
Psychodrama for many years. A talented
therapist, storyteller and
weaver of archetypes.

An incredible story teller, Dr. Cindy Carter
and her troupe of Playback Theatre Players
will give audience members a chance to
witness their own stories and if desired
watch a different ending. Cindy's ability to
help participants feel safe and encourage
them to face their story, will create quite an
educational hour and a half.
The 9th Annual It Happens to Boys Conference
Premiere conference addressing the effects and healing tools for male
survivors of  sexual abuse, their partners and families. therapists,
counselors, students and the medical community will gain important
information and skills
March 24, 2017 8:30 to 5:30
The Westin Austin at The Domain, Austin Texas
Dr. Harry Haroutunian
National spokesperson in
the recovery field  explores
the connection between
trauma and addiction, Dr.
Harr and offers hope to
survivors who are willing to
do the work to stay sober.
Author of
Being Sober.
Conference tickets
includes 7 CE's and lunch
Get your tickets today

Students  ID required
Carol Teitelbaum, LMFT the
Founder of the
It Happens to
Boys Program.
co-founder of
Creative Change Conferences
will share  tools for therapists
dealing with male survivors.
Burning Tree

Keynote Speaker:  John Lee,
International best selling author and speaker,
One of the founding members of the Men's
Movement.  Author of :
The Flying Boy, The Half-Lived Life, Breaking
the Mother Son Dynamic, expert in the
field of anger.
This workshop will bring clarity to this
important relationship in a non-shaming or
blaming way.  Participants will learn how to
dismantle what for any has become
destructive or counter-productive. It will
prepare the participants with fresh and
stimulating insights into the mysterious
bond- or bondage- between millions of
mother's and sons and explain how this bond
can negatively impact women as lovers,
wives and girlfriends.  
Sponsors and exhibitors can sign up on our sponsor page by credit
card or paypal
Co Host
Trauma Informed  Therapy.
What you need to know to
build a healthy community.