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An incredible look Into our own behavior

John Lee Evening Workshop audio

SKU: SKU 44000

Workshop with John Lee - The Anger Solution

This workshop could save your relationship. Learn the difference between anger and rage. Help your communication with your partner.

  • An inspiring talk about Anger vs. Rage

    This talk will change your relationships. People left our conference that night saying I had no idea I was so full of rage.  Anger is current, it is quick and over, makes those involved feel closer. Rage is historic, when expressed in a number of ways, you will learn about, it makes people feel worse.  A one in a million speakers who really understands this topic and explains it so well.

  • How to get your link

    Sign up and pay, we will get your email address and send you the link to the zoom recording.  Thank you, Carol Teitelbaum, LMFT

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