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How Can We Help?

Private Speaking Engagements


Professional Consultations

Carol Teitelbaum, MFT and the "It Happens to Boys" team is available for to help you and your organization no matter what your needs. We've assisted small and prestigious organizations and institutions alike with critical and complex issues such as crisis intervention, organizational development, misconduct accusation investigations, abuse of power education and so much more.


 We regularly present our 90-120-minute, "It Happens to Boys" workshops at facilities, schools, workplaces and conferences throughout the United States and beyond. This highly respected and moving curriculum covers all aspects of abuse, trauma, addiction, and recovery.


References and pricing are available upon request. Please contact us for a free no obligation consultation.

Need a Referral?   Are You In Crisis?

Call our local referral hotline to be connected to resources and services in the Coachella Valley


Leave a message and someone will call you back within 2-hours

If you're in need of immediate assistance, call the ​National Sexual Assault Hotline


CALL 9-1-1

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