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The Speakers who have joined our family over the years have been some of the best in the nation.  This coming year is no exception.


John Lee Best Selling Author of The Flying Boy, Missing Peace, and many others. John Lee is a pioneer in the fields of self-help, anger management, co-dependency, emotional regression, recovery, emotional intelligence, relationships, .

Jerry Moe one of the foremost experts on counseling for young children in families affected by addiction, Moe has written dozens of books—most featuring a friendly, beloved character Beamer—that are used by families and other professionals throughout the world. A sought-after thought leader, he has spoken in all 50 states and trained or presented in 22 countries, including China, Ghana and Russia. He has also spoken at the White House and on Capitol Hill, and has been interviewed frequently by local, state and national media, including the TODAY show, TIME magazine, the NBC Nightly News and USA Today—just to name a few.


Since 2019, Moe has been a significant contributor to Sesame Street in Communities and its Emmy-winning initiative on parental addiction. Other major media collaborations that brought huge exposure to the needs of kids in families with addiction included the award-winning 2005 PBS documentary Lost Childhood : Growing up in an Alcoholic Family and the Emmy-winning 2010 Nickelodeon News special Under the Influence: Kids of Alcoholics.




international lecturers, coaches and facilitators who, combined, bring over 8 decades of experience to the helping professions. They began their private practice in 1988 as counselors, coaches, educators and consultants with individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions and have extensive experience in treating alcoholism, drug addiction and codependence, trauma, relationship recovery, men's/women's issues, spirituality, and other obsessive/compulsive dependent behaviors


    John Lee

Jerry Moe

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