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The Beautiful Face of Recovery is a unique conference offering both speakers and experiential workshops that promote both professional and personal growth. As a professional there are opportunities to improve

communication skills, gain expert knowledge in the fields of recovery, expressive arts, counseling and spirituality, learn new techniques to support

your clients, connect with extraordinary people and renew your motivation and love for your craft. On a personal level the rich and meaningful depth of

the content will energize and inspire your inner potentials so you can discover and recover your fullness.




Mistress of Ceremonies,

Lee Rice

                    John Lee, Bestselling author:                      Courting a Woman's Soul

"What is the difference between love and lust? Lust takes everything and gives nothing, Love gives everything and takes so little."  Learn how to pick the right man for you life.

Mary Richardson, M.Phil.

International speaker, consultant, author, coach in the United States and United Kingdom. Mary co-founded an international program focusing on co-dependence.

Dr. Louise Stanger,

Ivy League Award winner. International Interventionist of the year  2019,  popular author  and professor, and speaker on mental health, addictions, process disorders and chronic pain.  Louise will present The Power of Story with special guest Anouska De Georgiou, Actress, model, singer,  recovery specialist. and victim of Jeffrey Epstein.  She testified against him. A strong and courageous woman. 

Kristina Padilla

a leader with the California Cosortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP), where she serves as the Director of Education.  The hats she wears are many from criminal justice to gang task force, WAAT, board of directors of National Association of Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender Addiction Professionals and their Allies...  and more

Chaundra Prehara LMFT

in private practice  since 1992 helping clients achieve more effective and meaningful lives.  She has spent the last thirty years learning and experimenting in the arts, expressive arts, neuroscience, energy medicine, psychology, mindfulness and spirituality. Chaundra will help us make our own Soul Collage.

Sparrow Goudey,

facilitator/Wellbriety scholar.  Integrating spirituality, ceremony, traditional arts and curriculum.  International trainer for White Bison,Co-founder of NADRI, Native American Drug and Alcohol Recovery initiative, and owner of Healing the Circle Workshops. 

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