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Creative Change Conferences       
The 15th Annual It Happens to Boys.     Conference for Men and Women. 
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Due to the inherent secrecy and sensitive nature of childhood sexual trauma, many victims won't share their stories and those who could help often don't ask the right questions. The effectiveness of the " It Happens to Boys" Conference comes from the mental health and recovery professionals creating an environment that is safe enough to encourage sharing and learning together. t is designed to be a compassionate, quality experience, both for those attending as survivors and those who support them in our community. It is also about a simple awareness and letting people know help and support like this exists. Untreated boys and men commonly have issues with rage, domestic violence, child abuse, drug and alcohol dependencies, arrests, and suicide attempts. As an organization, we understand that these situations and their solutions are complex and varied.

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John Lee
Best Selling Author, Speaker, teacher. Anger/rage, codependency  relationships. And....

"The urgency of our work is felt more now than any other time in America," says Carol Teitelbaum, LMFT and co-founder of the It Happens to Boys Conference. "With the lightning-fast movement and sharing of information combined with a rampant abuse of power, there's simply no place for perpetrators to hide anymore."

Carol Teitelbaum, LMFT

private practice


Consequences of childhood sexual abuse exhibited in adulthood

  • Some people who were sexually abused during childhood have few sequelae once they reach adulthood. However, many studies have shown that childhood sexual abuse can have a wide range of consequences that carry into adulthood and across multiple spheres of functioning.

  • Not only can childhood sexual abuse have lasting effects throughout adulthood, but the effects can take new forms in the majority, affecting marital and parental life as well.




  • Somatic problems

  • Risky lifestyles (e.g. smoking, alcohol, and drug use)

  • Poorer physical health

  • Poorer perception of physical health

  • More frequent visits to the physician

  • Occupational disability

  • Chronic diseases

  • Chronic pain

  • High-risk sexual behavior (unprotected sex, multiple partners, etc.)

  • Gynecological and perinatal complications

  • Sexual problems (e.g. painful intercourse, vaginismus in women)

  • Greater risk of contracting HIV and STBBIs


  • Mental health problems (depression, personality disorders, psychotic disorders, panic disorder, etc.)

  • Psychological distress

  • Dissociation

  • Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Anxiety

  • Self-mutilation

  • Suicidal thoughts attempted or completed suicide

  • Drug and alcohol abuse


  • Less trust in others

  • Commitment issues

  • More excellent family and personal conflict

  • Isolation

  • Fear of intimacy

  • Marital dissatisfaction

  • Less stable relationships with partners

  • Marital conflict

  • Spousal violence


  • Permissive parenting practices

  • Parenting stress

  • Parentification of children

  • Troubled parent-child relationships


  • Early motherhood

  • Renewed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (during pregnancy, delivery, nursing)

  • Premature births

  • Post-partum depression

"[It] was truly exceptional. I applaud Carol and her staff for sponsoring such an important conference on a very sensitive topic with such compassion and professionalism. The choice of speakers as well as the topics filled the two days with great clinical techniques for helping victims...Their appreciation for the quality and genuineness of the conference was obvious to everyone."

​Robert J. Ackerman

Our Work

There is Hope

For eleven years now, Creative Change Conferences has brought together some of the brightest names in mental health and recovery to explore the links between child abuse and addiction, depression, low self-esteem, relationship and intimacy challenges, sexual dysfunction and compulsion, pornography use and more.

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Sexual abuse is an acute societal problem masked by a long entrenched cultural habit of denial. People don't talk about it and that very secrecy contributes to perpetrators believing they can get away with it.  We need your help to give courageous healers a voice and combat this epidemic. 

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