Founder, Carol Teitelbaum, LMFT


Creative Change Conferences
14th Annual It Happens to Boys Conference
March 3, 2023
at ABC Recovery 
Indio, California

This conference brings together some of the brightest names in mental health and recovery to explore the links between child abuse and addiction, depression, low self-worth, relationship and intimacy challenges, sexual dysfunction, and compulsion, pornography use, and more.
Our goal is to create a healing community 

John Lee
One of the Greatest 
teachers our Time.



Master of Ceremony 
Mike Schaub

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Jerry Moe
National Director of the Children's Program 
Counselor, Teacher, Author

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              Ken and Mary Richardson
Co-dependency, Recovery, Relationships

A One Hour Rock and Roll Show
Norman Fox and Billy Chiechi

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Bringing Healing to Survivors 
Robert Teitelbaum  Scott Smith  Daniel Marquez

"It's inspiring to participate in a conference where acknowledging  the impact of trauma on men's lives and pursuing a complex understanding of men's behaviors are accepted as the foundations of the work rather than being considered re voluntary ideas!"

Peter Pollard, MPA, 1 in 6

"[It] was truly exceptional. I applaud Carol and her staff for sponsoring such an important conference on a very sensitive topic with such compassion and professionalism. The choice of speakers as well as the topics filled the two days with great clinical techniques for helping victims...Their appreciation for the quality and genuineness of the conference was obvious to everyone."

​Robert J. Ackerman

"The urgency of our work is felt more now than any other time in America," says Carol Teitelbaum, LMFT and co-founder of the It Happens to Boys Conference. "With the lightning-fast movement and sharing of information combined with a rampant abuse of power, there's simply no place for perpetrators to hide anymore."

John Lee Audio Programs

Excited to announce new audio programs from John Lee

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               An inspiring talk about Anger vs. Rage

This talk will change your relationships. People left our conference that night saying I had no idea I was so full of rage.  Anger is current, it is quick and over, makes those involved feel closer. Rage is historic, when expressed in a number of ways, you will learn about, it makes people feel worse.  A one in a million speakers who really understands this topic and explains it so well.

  • The Flying Boy

  • How to Love Someone Without Losing Yourself

  • Why Men Can't Feel and The Price Women Pay

  • Saying Goodbye to Mom and Dad

  • When Budha Met Bubba

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John takes very sophisticated material that is very important to understand and makes it wonderfully simple!”
John Bradshaw, therapist, bestselling author and America’s leading personal growth expert




There is Hope

For eleven years now, Creative Change Conferences has brought together some of the brightest names in mental health and recovery to explore the links between child abuse and addiction, depression, low self-esteem, relationship and intimacy challenges, sexual dysfunction and compulsion, pornography use and more.

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Sexual abuse is an acute societal problem masked by a long entrenched cultural habit of denial. People don't talk about it and that very secrecy contributes to perpetrators believing they can get away with it.  We need your help to give courageous healers a voice and combat this epidemic. 


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